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Frequently Asked Questions

  • • How much does the service cost?
    • In order to upload an album on Pickture It, you need to spend a Pickture It coupon for every newly published album.
      If you wish to purchase Pickture It coupons, you can visit our online e-shop. To learn more about current prices and available coupon packet offers, please visit the pricelist page of the service.
  • • What are the available payment methods?
    • Payment methods supported by the Pickture It e-shop are:
      • Credit card
      • Bank deposit
      • Paypal
  • • I have purchased Pickture It coupons. For how long are they valid? Is there an expiration date?
    • All coupons purchased from the Pickture It eshop DO NOT expire. Even for coupons that you have received as gift cards or as supplementary to another purchase, they is no expiration date.

      The company reserves the right to offer special free coupons, for promotional purposes, with a specific expiration date and will include a requirement to be used by the end of that predefined date. In any case, those coupons will clearly state their expiration date and will be supplied to you free of charge.

      As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that coupons you purchase from the Pickture It e-shop have no expiration date.
  • • How many coupons can I add to my account?
    • As many as you like.
      Pickture It coupons do not expire, therefore you can purchase as many as you think are needed for your future album publication needs.
  • • Do I need an Internet connection to use Pickture It?
    • Yes. Pickture It is an online service that requires an Internet connection to operate. It is recommended you use a DSL connection in your work place to take full advantage of the platform's capabilities.
  • • Do I also need to print "contacts" (thumbnail selection books) for my customers?
    • No. The purpose of Pickture It is to render the printing of "contacts" obsolete.
      The Pickture It customers' photo selections page is easy to use, available from everywhere, automatically remembers customer selections and enables them to comfortably view their personal photos, while deterring any image file copying. Furthermore, the electronic selection of photos, allows Pickture It to automate the printing preparation process, minimizing any chance of errors and enabling you to avoid the printing cost of contacts.
  • • Can a customer copy my photos?
    • No. Your photos remain secure within your computer and are never published online by Pickture It. The photos being viewed by a customer in the selection page are low resolution copies, which have been shrinked and watermarked with a logo of your choice, e.g. your company logo.
      The published copies are not of sufficient image quality for paper printing and even if they are saved by customers on their computer, they are harmless since the watermark disrupts the aesthetic result and serves only in advertising your work and logo.
  • • Where are my photos being published?
    • Pickture It publishes your photos in state-of-the-art servers within the HOTech data center in Greece, which support Pickture It clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • • How is the privacy of my data being protected?
    • HOTech will never publish your customers' data to a third-party, nor will the contact information of Pickture It users be used for advertising purposes by others.
      Your data are stored enrypted in secured servers, within limited-access data centers, and serve only to enable full Pickture It functionality to you. Whenever you wish to stop using the Pickture It service, you can request a total removal of your personal account's data.
      For more information please read the terms of use of our service.
  • • Can I delete my photos whenever I want?
    • Yes. While you are logged in the main management page of Pickture It, you can choose to delete an album, which will also cause all of its photos to be automatically deleted from the Pickture It servers.
  • • How many photos can I upload in an album?
    • There is no restriction on the number of photos you can upload in a new album.
      However keep in mind that the uploading process is conducted only once for each album, containing the full set of event photos. After the successfull completion of the upload, you can not add any more photos to the same album, without consuming a new coupon.
  • • How am I notified about my customers' selections?
    • Pickture It sends you an instant notification email or/and SMS (depending on your preferences) containing information about the specific album, for which the selection process has completed.
      The next time you launch the Pickture It Windows application, you will be able to load the customer's album photo selections and automatically send the photos for printing.
  • • Is there a chance of any mistakes happening in the customer's selections?
    • No. Pickture It automatically translates the customer's selections to categorized image files & folders, so as to enable a direct printing command. As long as there is no external human intervention in the final folders being created, there is no possibility for mistakes in the customer selections' categorization.
      Furthermore, customers can still log in their personal albums to review (but not change) their selections.
  • • Does Pickture It print the customer's photos? Where and how?
    • No. Pickture It prepares your photo files in the same manner you do manually, before sending them for printing to professional minilabs. Customer selections are automatically separated per printing size and number of copies. The only thing you are required to do is send the prepared files to your associates for printing, as before.
  • • How do I send SMS notifications to the customer? Do I need a mobile phone or a separate account to some service? How much does it cost?
    • Customer notifications are automatically sent by PicktureIt on your behalf. You do not need to worry about any additional charge. The cost for the SMS notifications being sent to your customer is included in the coupon price you have already paid for when you uploaded the album.

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