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How to integrate Pickture It into your own website

Pickture It has been designed to make life easier for you and your clients. It is an innovative automated platform that distinguishes you from the competition and allows you to offer superior quality services towards your clients.

Always bear in mind that the website your clients browse, as well as the messages they receive via email and SMS, appear to be originating directly from you. In other words, Pickture It is presented as a service that has been made to your order and is offered exclusively to your clients, to set your business apart from competition.

If you wish to take it a step forward, HOTech can integrate the Pickture It platform into your own website at a minimum cost. The integration process is simple, fast and the end result is having your clients select their event photographs without ever navigating off your website!

Through the Pickture It integration, a new webpage will be created in your site that will be hosting our service, without the Pickture It name or logo being visible anywhere. Clients are redirected straight to your website, where they enter their login credentials to access their album. Moreover, the color palette of the photo selection pages gets adjusted to match the pre-existing web pages of your website, in order for the new service to blend nicely with existing website content. Your visitors will never realize that this is a third-party service.

The integration process consists of 3 steps:

  • you navigate to the Pickture It eshop, buy the integration service and contact us afterwards to register the URL of the website that will receive the service integration
  • we alter the working parameters and color palette of Pickture It to prepare the integration procedure
  • you provide us with the contact details of your website administrator (or alternatively direct access to your website files) and we arrange the uploading of the needed code changes, as well as the functionality checks and verifications.

Integration is made possible through the "IFrame" mechanism, which makes it possible to integrate the service to a wide variety of websites, regardless of the technology they have been built in (ASP, PHP, HTML).

The whole procedure usually needs less than 10 working days and after this you will have a fully functional Pickture It web page right into your own website, to offer as your own unique service to your clients.

If you would like more information, please contact us, and don't forget to mention to our sales representative that you are interested in the Pickture It integration service.

If you are ready to purchase this innovative service, you can navigate to the relevant page in our electronic shop.

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